Economic and Social Horizons in Pakistan Vol.2

By Dawood Mamoon


Economic and Social Horizons in Pakistan Vol.2


1.Agriculture or industry: Rice or garments: Ex-post and ex-ante analysis of Pakistan’s falling competitiveness in its main export items
2. Gender gap is a trade trap: The road ahead for international development
3.Governance over economics: Making globalisation good for the poor
4. Integrating the Concepts of Global Freedom: Economics versus Society
5. Missing the Peace Train in 2006: Economic and political dynamics of India Pakistan hostility?
6. Post conflict reconstruction efforts in tribal areas of Pakistan through informal education
7. Economics case study: Harvard Business School pedagogy techniques: From teaching entrepreneurship to influencing business policy through research
8. Globalization, political orientation and wage inequality: From Donald Trump’s election to Angela Merkal’s re-election
9. Skilled-unskilled wage asymmetries as an outcome of skewed international trade patterns in the South
10. Can micro credit schemes be introduced by formal banking sector?

About Author

Dr. Dawood’s research interests center on issues of national competitiveness. His research, published in the Journal of Peace Research and Economics of Governance, finds that bilateral and multilateral trade mitigates conflict between India and Pakistan, and would like to extend his analysis to look at how spending on education or levels of education behave with respect to conflict. He believes that one reason poverty has not been significantly reduced in some developing countries is due to prevalent conflict. He also is director of the Center for Graduate Research. Among the courses he teaches is Harvard Business School’s microeconomics of competitiveness. He also supervises Ph.D and MS research and manages MS programs in the School of Business and Economics. Dawood holds a Ph.D in Economics of Sustainable Development and an MA in Development Economics, both from Erasmus University, the Netherlands. He also holds an MPhil and an MS in Economics, both from Quaid-e-Azam University in Pakistan.



Date of Publication

July 15, 2018

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Length: ix + 170 pages

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