Analysis of Money, Debt and Employment

Selected Articles

By Ralph S. Musgrave


This book consists of a series of working papers written by the author and published by the Munich Personal RePEc Archive between 2006 and 2011 inclusive. The extent to which the ideas in each paper have subsequently been revised or updated by the author in later publications varies from paper to paper. This is a rough guide to how much revision there has been.

Ch 1. Not revised in any subsequent publication.

Ch 2. The ideas here were subsequently set out in a paper entitled “An Employer of Last Resort Scheme which Resembles a Free Labour Market” published in the Journal of Economics and Political Economy. The basic ideas in the two works are not much different.

Ch 3. The author’s views on this topic have not changed much since publication, but there is a more up to date version of the author’s ideas in a paper entitled  “The arguments for a permanent zero interest rate” published by Advances in Social Sciences Research Journal.

Ch 4. Not revised in any subsequent publication.

Ch 5. Not revised in any subsequent publication.

Ch 6. This deals with the same idea as Ch 2 above, and the same applies, namely that there is a subsequently published work in the Journal of Economics and Political Economy.



Chapter 1.
Consolidation causes little austerity

Chapter 2.
Creative destruction of ‘government as employer of last resort’

Chapter 3.
Government borrowing is pointless where a government issues its own currency

Chapter 4.
Pensioners’ travel concessions – A misallocation of resources

Chapter 5.
The flaws in Keynesian borrow and spend

Chapter 6.
The infrastructure and other costs of immigration

Chapter 7.
Workfare: A marginal employment subsidy for public and private sectors

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December 15, 2018

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